ALBATROS Conservatory Awnings

An OBA Albatros conservatory awning system is the ideal solution to keep the temperature on your veranda, pergola and skylight under control. The ingress of light is also metered so you can prevent your furniture, curtains and wallpaper discolouring. The space between any glass and the conservatory system allows good air circulation. This means any heat that builds up is permanently dissipated between the glass surface and the fabric. The wide choice of frame and fabric colours allows you to match your conservatory system perfectly to the colour of your veranda profiles and your façade, making your veranda even more of an extension of your home where it is always pleasant to spend time.

Albatros conservatory system

  • Box consists of extruded aluminium profiles.
  • Aluminium brackets to fasten conservatory system to the veranda glass or timber frame
  • When system is completely closed, the front profile partialy hides inside of the head box, which not only protects the fabric but also makes the whole unit to apear smoller and neat
  • Front rail profile is equiped with guiding wheels which are specially designed to make the system run gently, smooth and quiet. The wheels can move laterally, which ensures that the front rail profile always runs flexibly in the guide rails.

Product Specifications

Linear Width

200cm 550cm


50cm 600cm

Frame Finish

Dulux Polyeste Powder Coated

Frame Colors

Dulux Duralloy Powder Coat Range Colorbond Standard Colour Range

Mounting Options

Wall Soffit Revile Fit

Roller Tube


Pitch Adjustment

0° 35°

Fabric Protection

Full Cassette

Mode of Operation

Somfy Motor, Becker Motor

Fabric Options

Acrylic, Polyester, PVC, Mesh/Screen