METRO Pivot Arm Awning

An OBA pivot arm awning is ideal for keeping the heat out. This type of façade sun protection is fitted in front of your windows and is a great alternative to a vertical blind. This façade awning has different drop angle not only improves the aesthetic of your home, but also creates a pleasant climate indoors. You can set the level of sunlight yourself and create a unique atmosphere in your home through the combination of drop angle, sun and fabric as well as your choice of fabric colour.

  • Variable drop angle (from 0 to 160°) so you can decide for yourself how much sun you want to let in
  • Extremely wind-resistant due to the separate structure and strong drop arms
  • Easy to operate
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Fits all buildings and any type of window (from 0.63 to 5 m wide)
  • Always custom made

Operation of your pivot arm awning

You can roll your OBA pivot arm awning in and out in 2 ways: manually or using an electric motor at the press of a button. Various automation systems are also available that can be electrically operated.

    Operation options:

  • Manual: with a detachable operating crank handle
  • Electric: with tubular motor connected to an electronic timer, or wind and sun sensors
  • Automation options:

  • Wind sensor: your pivot arm awning is automatically rolled up if it is too windy
  • Sun sensor: what happens if the sun starts to shine brightly when you are very busy indoors? the awning is unfurled automatically
  • Rain sensor: the pivot arm awning is automatically rolled up when it rains

Product Specifications

Linear Width

60cm 550cm


50cm 300cm

Frame Finish

Dulux Polyester Powder Coated

Frame Colors

Dulux Duralloy Powder Coat Range Colorbond Standard Colour Range

Mounting Options

Wall Soffit

Roller Tube

63mm 70mm 78mm

Pitch Adjustment

0° 60°

Fabric Protection

Open Style, Full Cassette

Mode of Operation

Manual Bevel Gear, Somfy Motor, Becker Motor

Fabric Options

Acrylic, Polyester, PVC, Mesh/Screen