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5 Ways To Control Your Electric Outdoor Awning For Your Home Or Office

The great thing about electric outdoor awnings is that there are multiple ways to control their settings to ensure optimum coolness, lighting and rain protection for your building, patio, terrace or verandah.

No longer will you need to find the crank to adjust your awnings manually. With the latest technology always on point, you will be able to control your motorised awnings quickly and easily using one or all of the following methods:


1) Using A Remote Control

The remote control has a range of options for quickly adjusting the settings on your outdoor awnings at the touch of a button. You will be able to set up a range of programs to automatically adjust the awnings over the course of the day to maximise the benefits of sun and shade to suit your environment.


2) Using Wall-Mounted Controls

You can choose to install and use a highly responsive wall-mounted controller to instantly adjust the settings on your electric awnings, with both wired and wireless options on offer. 


3) Using Your SmartPhone

Download an app on your smartphone to take complete charge of the settings for your awnings, whether at home or not. All you need is an internet connection, and you can control up to 20 motorised products via your phone. You can adjust the settings to suit your lighting, privacy and energy-saving choices. This allows you to maximise the value you receive from your awning installation. The added advantage is that it will always look like someone is home as the awnings adjust over the day and at night. This is a security bonus when you are away from home.


4) Using Voice Control

By connecting devices such as your Amazon Echo or Google Nest, you can control the settings of your awnings with voice commands, helping to optimise their usefulness to your home or office.

5) Automatic Weather Sensors

Rain, sun, temperature and wind sensors can be added to your awning installation. You can pre-program various responses to any of these parameters as weather conditions change. Not only does this maximise energy efficiency, but it can also offer protection from potential damage in adverse conditions.

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