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External Venetian Blinds

High performance, technically advanced venetian blind systems.

Australian made External Venetian Blinds for external use with the benefit of reducing solar heat gain, maximising the use of daylight, controlling airflow and providing privacy, making them an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly shading option.

External Venetian Blinds use aluminium slats which can deploy for full window coverage, tilt from 0° to 130° for varying light filtration, and fully retract by way of manual, motorised or automation control.

The tilting slats provide the optimal amount of daylight, minimising the need for artificial lighting.
Slats also preserve views and minimise air-conditioner usage by maintaining effective airflow and reducing overall solar heat gain. By controlling solar glare, our systems are also able to reduce eye irritation and improve computer screen visibility, contributing to higher comfort and productivity levels.

System operation by manual, motorised remote control or fully integrated automation.

High radiation reflection, low radiation absorption and low transmission values. Reduction in the energy requirements of mechanical heating/cooling systems.

More efficient cross ventilation can be achieved by slats automatically tilting to optimise shading at varying sun angles.
Customisation of system widths and lengths offer retrofit installation to external facades.
Head box, slats, cable guides and extruded aluminium base rails are engineered to withstand extreme wind loads.
High-strength, shrink-resistant and reinforced 100% Kevlar ladder braid.
Crowned aluminium slats are made from a highly elastic alloy, making them flexible, scratch-proof and shock-proof. Double omega punching, (standard on external and double skin facade installations) combined with the ladder braids ensure smooth closing of slats, also retaining slat alignment and stability in most weather conditions and minimise excessive movement.
Standard Widths
80 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm

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