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Traditional Canopy Awnings

Charming and versatile

Popular for storefronts and mid-century homes, Canopy Awnings provide rain, sun and weather protection to any doorways, walkways and windows while adding a touch of class and structural projection to the aesthetics of your home or business in Sydney.

Canopy Awnings are excellent for signwriting and branding, allowing businesses to further promote their marketing message and brand.

Constructed from high-quality extruded aluminium and durable fabrics, each OBA canopy is fully customised for individual needs and come in many shapes and configurations including: Dutch Hood, Bow, French, Wedge, Convex and Walkway.

Dutch Hood

Originated in the Netherlands, the Dutch Hood canopy style became popular with store owners to enhance their window front and entice customers. Outdoor Blinds and Awnings’ Dutch Hood canopies can be fixed or retractable with a fold-up option and are an ideal way to make your home or business exterior pop.

Bow FlorentineAdd a touch of European style and make a statement of your doorways and windows with Bow Canopies. Also known as Florentine canopies, they have a long, rounded shape that is ideal for placement over doors and single windows. They can be made with a fixed frame structure or with a fold-up frame.

Right-angled and triangular in shape, French canopies are ideal for covering doorways and windows to dramatically change the style of your facade. Constructed with extruded aluminium frames or steel tube frames that allow special shaping, French canopies are popular with cafes and restaurant doorways to not only provide protection from the elements but adding that stylish first impression.

WedgeWedge canopies offer a square, sleek style that provides a slimline look for any doorway or window. Constructed with welded aluminium frames, wedge canopies are great for providing all-year shading and rain protection of the doorway or shopfront.

Convex, or Bullnose, canopies offer a traditional bullnose look with straight lines and a rounded front. Variations on the radius can be achieved to alter the shape right down to a bullnose if required.

WalkwayWith its unique cylindrical shape and a semi-circle front face, Walkway canopies are designed specifically for entrances to buildings and homes to protect from the elements while giving them that wow factor.

Available in custom shapes and configurations such as: Dutch Hood, Walkway, Convex, Bow, French, Welded Wedge and Fixed Frame

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Metro Pivot Arm Awning

Pivot Arm Awning

A modern alternative to blinds and curtains, pivot arm awnings offer shade and privacy inside while allowing natural air circulation - reducing heat and solar energy inside by up to 80%.

Med Evo Retractable Pergola

Fixed Pivot Arm Awnings

A modern slimline and light-duty alternative to a canopy awning

Aria Folding Arm Awning

Folding Arm Awnings

Fully retractable when not in use, compact and versatile folding arm awnings offer protection from the heat and glare of the sun without the need of supports taking up valuable floor space.

Fabrics & Hardware

Custom made awnings to suite your style and compliment the aesthetics of your property. Choose from over 200 fabrics and extensive rage of powder coatings.

Tell us your outdoor shading needs and we will make your vision a reality

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Cubebox Folding Arm Awning
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