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Elliptical Aluminium Louvers Explained

New product alert - Elliptical Aluminium Louvers! But what is it and where are they used? These and more explained in detail, so you can make an informed decision.

Elliptical aluminium louvre screens are thin oval shaped blades of aluminium that are positioned at regular intervals and serve as exterior shade control and ventilation as well as privacy screen.


Where can Elliptical Louvres be installed?

Elliptical Louvres can be installed on balconies and windows of new and existing houses, high rise buildings, private residences and government buildings. Elliptical Louvers can add bold architectural look to your building with its sleek and modern design.

How are Elliptical Louvres installed?

Elliptical Louvers can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal direction, depending on the space and the look you would like to achieve. 

What are the  Elliptical Louvres blades dimensions?

At Outdoor Blinds and Awnings, our Elliptical Louvre Blades come in a range of sizes. The blades dimensions that you can choose from are 70mm, 85mm, 160mm and 200mm. Our consultants will help you select the appropriate size to suit your project. 

What Operations Options are available for Elliptical Louvres ?

There are two options available: Fixed and Adjustable.

Fixed Elliptical Louvre Blades  (also called fins) are fitted between flat plates, channels, rectangular and square hollow sections, completely framed and unframed. These system does not rotate and stays fixed at a certain angle.

Adjustable Elliptical Louvre Blades are fitted between a 100 x 50mm Rectangular Hollow Section aluminium frame which can incorporate the motor.

The blades are adjusted by either hand or motor. Motors can be remote controlled, hardwired or automatically controlled and linked to the building management system.

What is the difference between a Blade and a Fin?

Fins are fixed and Blades are adjustable and can be rotated.

What colours do Elliptical Louvers come in?

All Elliptical Louver Blades and frames come in a custom powder-coated colours to suit the design, environment and intent of your project. 


Elliptical Aluminium Louvres is a great shading and privacy system to create stylish space on any building. Contact Outdoor Blinds and Awnings team on 02 8068 9293, send a message via chat plug-in or Get A Quote button for your free consultation and quote. 

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