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Step-By-Step Guide to Removing Mould and Mildew from Canvas Canopy Awnings

Maintaining the cleanliness of your awnings is the best way to uphold your quality assurance policy and ensure they serve you well for years to come. Regular cleaning keeps unsightly mould or mildew at bay while saving you significant potential repairs or replacements.

Give your canvas canopy awning the care it deserves. We’ve created a guide to preserve the aesthetic of your canvas canopy awning as a statement piece that says you care about the details.

The Effect Of Mould and Mildew On Business Aesthetic

While seemingly minor, mould and mildew can weaken the awning fabric over time. Some fabrics can become breeding grounds for mould and other tough stains if improperly maintained, leading to potential structural damage and obscuring the clarity of branding, logos, or other marketing messages. With proactive prevention techniques and timely intervention, you can avoid headaches down the line.

How to Clean a Canvas Canopy Awning from Mould

Here’s a comprehensive guide to cleaning and maintaining your awnings:

 1) Know Your Canvas 

Before starting the cleaning process, it’s vital to identify the fabric of your awning. Vinyl awnings, being non-porous, are easily cleaned with diluted bleach or soap. Acrylic awnings require a different approach: the cleaning solution needs to seep into the fabric for thorough cleaning.

2) Apply Your Cleaning Solution 

Test your cleaning solution on a small fabric area first to avoid damage. Opt for non-abrasive, eco-friendly soaps and consider natural alternatives like vinegar and baking soda. Avoid bleach to preserve the fabric’s colour and integrity.

3) Scrub Away Mould and Mildew 

After letting the cleaning solution sit for a period of time, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the mould and mildew away in a back-and-forth sweeping motion. Start from the outer edge and move inward.

4) Rinse the Area to Remove Residue 

Thoroughly rinse your awning with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove any cleaning residue.

5) Air Dry Awning Cover 

Allow the awning to dry naturally. If the awning is detached, hang it to dry.

6) Re-treat the Awning and Return to the Frame 

Especially for acrylic awnings, it’s recommended to reapply a waterproof protection layer after cleaning.

7) Stain Prevention

Regular cleaning and being aware of the type of fabric can help prevent stains and increase your canopy awning’s lifespan. We advise annual cleaning for residential awnings and every 4 to 8 weeks for commercial ones, ensuring longevity and a fresh appearance.

Considering a Canvas Canopy Awning Replacement?

Is your canvas canopy awning showing signs of wear and tear? It may be time for an upgrade. At Outdoor Blinds & Awnings, we specialise in high-quality, fully customisable, durable awnings designed to withstand the elements of weather and keep your business looking its best. Investing in high-quality awning fabric may cost more initially, but it ensures durability and resistance to wear, tear and mould. Superior materials withstand the elements, reduce fading, and are easier to maintain over time.

Don’t let an old or damaged awning tarnish your brand image. Visit our Traditional Canopy Awnings page to explore your options and get a quote today.

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