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The Advantages of Drop Arm Awnings

The scorching Aussie sun is fantastic for those vitamin D boosts. Still, it can also turn your beloved patio into an unusable oven. If you’re ready to reclaim your outdoor space year-round, consider a drop-arm awning—a stylish and practical solution for sun control.


What is a Drop Arm Awning?

Unlike fixed awnings, drop arm awnings offer ultimate flexibility. Think of it as a retractable shade solution that extends outward from your wall using hinged arms. These arms pivot, allowing you to adjust the awning’s angle throughout the day for perfect shade control. The fabric unfurls from a cassette housing, protecting it when not used.


The Metro Pivot Arm Awning

Relish in a more adjustable shade control, a cleaner look when retracted, and potentially a smaller footprint, available in two options:


  • Open Style (M1): Ideal for sheltered areas like balconies or under eaves, where the fabric needs minimal protection.
  • Hooded Style (M2): This style is perfect for exposed areas. It features a protective aluminium hood that shields the fabric and operating mechanism from the elements.

Tailor Your Oasis

While these options provide ultimate coverage, they also offer customised designs to match your home’s style, with a wide range of powder-coating colours for the head box and hardware. Plus, personalise the look with over 50 high-quality fabric options.


  • Extensive coverage with arm projection extends from 0.5 to 1.5 metres, shading even large patios or decks.
  • Adjustable shade control allows you to fine-tune the shade with angles ranging from 0° to 150°.
  • Built to withstand Aussie weather, featuring robust arms and UV-resistant, water-repellent fabric.
  • Operation options give you the choice between manual crank or motorised operation for ultimate convenience.


  • More Reasons to Love Drop Arm Awnings

    1. Enjoy a more comfortable outdoor space and lower energy bills with sun protection and cooler homes.
    2. Create a more intimate setting for outdoor meals or relax in the shade with added privacy.
    3. Suitable for various applications with sizes available to fit any space, with a system width of 1.0 to 5.5m.
    4. The solid arms and separate structure ensure the awning remains stable even in strong winds.
    5. The modern design enhances your home’s appeal, increasing your property value.

    Ready to Transform Your Home?


    Drop arm awnings are an excellent investment, creating a comfortable and enjoyable space. Contact Outdoor Blinds & Awnings today for a free quote and explore how a Metro Pivot Arm Awning can bring your dream oasis to life. We look forward to helping you extend your living space outdoors.

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