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Protect Your Home Against Sun This Winter

As we head into the cooler months, it’s easy to forget about sun protection. But did you know that Sydney’s UV index remains surprisingly high (ranging between 3 and 5) during the winter, especially at midday? That’s why having a canvas canopy awning isn’t just a summer luxury—it’s a year-round essential.


Reasons Why You Need Canvas Canopy Awnings This Winter
  • Think of your awning as a modern yet stylish shield against harmful UV rays. Even on overcast days, UV rays with an index of 3 or higher can penetrate the clouds, putting your skin at risk. A canvas awning creates that shaded zone you need above your doors and windows.
  • As the days get shorter, integrated LED lights in your canvas canopy awning extend your outdoor time well into the evening. With the touch of a button, you could create a soft and inviting atmosphere for intimate gatherings or simply enjoy a cosy glow as you unwind after a long day.
Perfect for Sydney Homes

Canvas canopy awnings are a natural fit for Sydney’s diverse architectural styles. Whether it’s a classic Dutch Hood gracing a charming terrace, a graceful Bow/Florentine adding elegance to a balcony, or a sleek Wedge awning protecting your front door, these versatile designs complement various styles while providing essential protection.

A Style Statement

Canvas canopy awnings are a statement of style. You can customise your awning with wide selection of canvas colours, patterns and finishes to match your home’s aesthetic. You can even incorporate your business logo or signage for increased visibility. Choose a bold canvas to create a focal point or a subtle pattern that blends seamlessly with your surroundings. 

Get ready for winter with Outdoor Blinds and Awnings. Don’t let the winter sun keep you cooped up indoors. Embrace the beauty of Sydney’s cooler months with the added comfort and style of a canvas canopy awning. Contact us today for a free consultation to find the perfect awning to extend the life of your outdoor space all year long.

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